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Elle E. Elephant

Elle E. Elephant - * Oppenheim Gold Seal Award Winner!
Early Learning Toy!

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Elle E. Elephant - Stimulating Baby Toy. Elle E. Elephant is a gentle yet stimulating companion for your baby from the earliest days. Captivating color combinations, interesting textures, fascinating patterns and an assortment of sounds combine to offer your baby an excellent early learning experience.

Playing with Elle E. Elephant
Your baby will find many ways to learn from Elle E. Elephant. The sharply contrasting black and white stripes of Elle's trunk will capture your baby's attention and promote his visual development. Soon, she'll reach out to touch the striped trunk and will hear how it crinkles. If you turn Elle around and sit it in front of your baby, the polka dot and checkerboard patterns will provide visual stimulation, especially in contrast to the bright pink of Elle's body.

Elle E. Elephant is so lightweight that before long your baby will be able to grasp it by the easy-to-grip ears. Passing it from hand to hand is a challenging and important accomplishment. Your baby's hands and mouth will take pleasure in exploring multiple textures: soft velvet, ridged corduroy and cotton. The chewy teething ring on the back will provide another interesting texture to enjoy. A mellow rattle safely concealed inside Elle will encourage your baby to wave it around to make sound.

Other ways to play with Elle E. Elephant
•As you coo, chuckle, and cuddle with your baby, gently rub his palms, cheeks and tummy with the many different textures of Elle E. Elephant. (from birth)

•With your baby on his back, "fly" Elle E. Elephant overhead, giving your baby plenty of time to follow the toy's movement with her eyes. Narrate your play - talking helps your baby learn. Every once in a while, swoop the flying elephant down and gently tickle your baby's tummy. (from four weeks)

•Put your baby on his tummy. Place Elle E. Elephant directly in front of him, and use the various sounds (crinkly trunk, squeaky foot, rattly tummy) to attract your baby's attention and encourage him to hold his head up. It's hard work, at first! (from six weeks)

•Lift the striped trunk straight up, covering the eyes. Say, "Where's the elephant?" Drop the trunk, revealing the eyes. "Peek-a-boo! There's the elephant!" (from 4 months)

•Hide Elle E. Elephant under a small cloth. Leave just one foot uncovered. With expressiveness in your voice, say, "WHERE is the elephant?" Lift up the cloth. Act surprised as you say "Oh! THERE's the elephant!" Soon your baby will join in the game and will lift the cloth herself. (from six months)

Oppenheim Gold Seal Award Winner!

Elle E. Elephant - Age Appropriate birth - 18 months +

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Elle E. Elephant

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Elle E. Elephant