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Baby Play Gym and Activity Mat

Baby Play Gym and Activity Mat

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Color: Black, White, Red


  • The Original High Contrast Play Gym: The play gym is features high contrast graphics in black, white, and red, making it easy for babies to see and ideal for a newborn play mat activity gym.
  • Easy Setup and Portable: This play mat for babies 0-6 months is easy to set up and take down. It comes with a carrying case, making it convenient for travel or storage.
  • Baby Play Gym: This baby gym serves as a playgym for babies 0-6 months and an activity mat for babies 0-6 months. The gym play mat for baby is great for tummy time and developing gross motor skills.
  • Interactive Baby Play Gym: Our play gym baby features 5 toy attachments that your baby can kick and grasp. This interactive baby play gym helps to entertain and educate your baby.
  • High-Quality and Washable Material: The baby play gym mat is made from soft, washable fabric. The play gym mat for baby is ideal for infants' tummy time. Encourage them to play on it everyday! 
  • High contrast, black, white and red graphics in graduated complexity. Choose the play gym for babies that will stimulate their development rather than the most colorful one that won't.
  • Research has shown that infants' eyes respond best to high contrast colors like black and white, followed by red. That's why this is the best play gym for babies 0-6 months. 
  • This baby play gym is appropriate from birth and up. Ideally use this play mat for babies 0-6 months because they'll love the high contrast images and compact size. 

Details: Our bestselling play mat for babies play mat for babies 0-6 months is here! Why choose Genius Baby's baby play gym? Simple! This is the one of the most compact and easy to put up and take down play gyms for 0-6 months in the market. We designed it for busy parents who don't have the time or energy to install a baby play gym for hours. Ours also comes with a carrying case making it easy to take it on the go. Throw it in the car if you're on the way to the park or visiting family and friends. We also crafted our baby gym specifically using high contrast colors like black, white and red. Research has shown that newborn and infant eyes respond best to these colors. The baby gym has a mat that is soft and machine washable. Don't worry about spills and spit-ups. Just toss the mat into the washing machine on cold water setting. Another reason to love this play mat for babies 0-6 months is it comes with 5 attachments. Four of the five attachments are soft plush toys in high contrast colors that baby can kick or reach for tummy time. The other attachment has colorful teething rings for baby to engage with when it's teething time. 

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