Introducing My First Cinco de Mayo Playset!

Introducing My First Cinco de Mayo Playset!

Introducing My 1st Cinco de Mayo Playset by Genius Baby Toys

We are so excited to introduce our newest toy in several years: My 1st Cinco de Mayo Playset. This colorful sombrero features hand-embroidery and turns over to reveal a flap that contains 4 sensory toys in the hat's well. These four sensory toys will simulate your baby's brain development and help them learn new skills.

The four toys are:

  1. Green maraca shaker with bell inside
  2. Pink, green, orange donkey or burro with squeaky ball inside
  3. Crinkly orange and black guitar
  4. Yellow taco with face, eyes, mustache and rattle inside (Who's ready for Taco Tuesday?!)

Your Genius Baby will love the sounds, colors and textures of this special keepsake gift.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Heritage

Cinco de Mayo (or 5th of May) traditionally commemorates Mexico's victory in the Battle of Puebla and is celebrated annually on May 5. This holiday is more widely recognized in the US than in Mexico and more broadly celebrates Mexican-American culture and heritage. 

Delight and engage your baby with Genius Baby Toys

Your baby will naturally interact with our toys

We pride ourselves on designing toys that will naturally engage baby, their brain, senses and innate abilities. We believe in the Montessori style of early childhood education, where children take the lead. Just like in this photo, you can let your Genius Baby take the lead in their play; they will naturally interact with our toys.

No batteries or instruction manual required

We at Genius Baby Toys understand that the transition to parenthood is overwhelming. As such, we don't believe in toys that require complicated instruction manuals nor toys that overstimulate your baby (typically toys that require batteries). Rest assured knowing that you made the right choice.

Use this toy to teach your Genius Baby

  • Object Permanence
  • Grasping and Pinching
  • Bringing Objects Together
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
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