About Us

Genius Babies is a small woman/mom-owned and operated company that began in 1998. Genius Baby Toys are designed in Charlotte, North Carolina, by our own team, and continues as a family-owned and operated small business today. In 2023, we are celebrating our 25 year anniversary.

How did we get our start? 

Genius Babies was founded in 1998 by a mom-to-be as a home business. A passion for researching infant development for her own “genius” baby provided the spark for the creation of her first sensory infant toy.

What makes our products unique?

We remain focused only on research-based infant stimulation and developmental baby toys. We believe that non-electronic toys are best for a baby's development. We don't believe in chasing after the latest fads in children's toys. We stand by our products and always seek continuous improvement. 

Why do we love what we do?

We fully believe in the power of play to nurture your baby’s development.

We are grateful to all the parents, grandparents and caretakers who continue to choose our smart toys for their own “genius babies."