Baby's First Christmas and Thanksgiving playset

The holidays are around the corner!

How is it that Thanksgiving is next week? My kids are still finishing up their Halloween candy! Little do they know that Mom has been enjoying some on the side (more 100 Grand, please!).

This weekend will be spent prepping for Turkey Day. I'll be procuring 4 pounds of potatoes for Cheesy Hasselback Potato Gratin a la NYTimes Cooking for the Thanksgiving potluck we're attending at our neighbor's home. Can't wait! Especially if my oblique can recover in time to run a half-marathon the morning of TG. Then I'll have a double-serving of pie, please!

I've also got to get my holiday shopping list in order. My daughter wants a Numberblocks stuffie and my son wants a dice. More on that in another post. I want to get my husband an advent calendar of decaf coffee but I haven't been able to source that yet. 

Need some holiday gift ideas? Look no further than our Thanksgiving playset and Christmas Santa's Workshop playset. Each features a keepsake tote with four mini plush sensory toys inside (each makes a different gentle sound when your child interacts with it). Happy holidays! 

Oh yeah, I've got to dig out the reindeer antlers too for the car. Add that to the never-ending list....

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