Thermal Dolls over the years

You're never too old for a lovey

I recently heard from a long time customer of 23 years who was looking to order a new Thermal Doll for herself. She was kind enough to share a picture of her Thermal Doll lovey collection from over the years. 

This photo made me smile from ear to ear. 

While I no longer sleep with a lovey, I definitely have sleep rituals that bring me a sense of comfort. I sleep with the covers over my ears (I think it's a carryover from the newborn days where I secretly hoped that having a blankie over my ears would mean that my baby would sleep through the night). I swear by my comforter that is not really a comforter; it's a thick, weighted cotton blanket in a non-standard size that my parents had custom-made for our entire family. When I'm away from home, I look forward so much to coming back to my own bed and those rituals. 

Whatever your lovey is and whatever your sleep rituals are, I wish you all a good night of sleep! 

And don't worry, our Thermal Doll is being reordered as I write this! 


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