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Large, Double-Sided Baby Mirror with High Contrast Images

Large, Double-Sided Baby Mirror with High Contrast Images

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Color: White


  • Baby Safe Mirror: This large baby mirror has hospital grade rubber edges, ensuring it's completely safe for your baby. It's shatterproof and larger than most baby mirrors - perfect for curious eyes!
  • Double Sided, High Contrast: Our baby play mirror features high contrast images and graphics on one side, perfect for stimulating your baby's visual focus and brain development. 
  • NICU Approved & Popular: This bestselling item is NICU approved. It's been purchased by hospitals and health organizations across the country, making it a trusted choice for your little one.
  • Easy to Attach: This crib mirror for baby is easy to attach to any crib using the included velcro straps. It's the perfect baby mirror for crib or bassinet to keep your baby entertained.
  • More than a Mirror: Babies love looking at faces and reflections, and this mirror is a toy to them. This crib mirror that will keep your baby entertained for hours.
  • The baby mirror side has a protective film to prevent scratching and damage during transit. Please remember to remove and discard the protective film before use.

Details: We designed this baby safe mirror after hospitals and health care organizations repeatedly approached us on how to create a baby mirror that could be used in the NICU. After much research and development, we created this large, shatterproof baby mirror. Using hospital grade rubber edges and a shatterproof material for the mirror itself, this product has stood up to testing and remains our most popular baby mirror. Not only does this mirror for baby surpass safety testing standards, it also is an educational and fun toy for baby. Did you know babies love mirrors? They're fascinated by faces and reflections, even though they don't always know the face staring back at them is their own! Upon birth, babies have blurry vision. They can see the outline of faces and will start to recognize the shapes they see in faces. Flip this crib mirror around and the other side has high contrast graphics in black, white and red, the first three colors that your baby will see best. We also created this baby mirror with busy and sleep-deprived parents in mind. That's why we made this mirror for baby super easy to attach to the crib: just use the four adjustable velcro straps included. It'll take one minute then you can move on to spending time with your Genius Baby. 

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