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Baby Car Activity Center Toy in High Contrast Colors

Baby Car Activity Center Toy in High Contrast Colors

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  • Looking to keep your Genius Baby entertained in the car during short trips or long rides? Look no further than our Reversible Baby Car Activity Center Toy in Black, White and Red.
  • This toys measures a generous 14" x 18", much larger than most car mirrors and infant car seat toys. Your baby will love being able to see the large images of patterns and cute animals. 
  • We designed this contrast carseat toy so that it's quick and easy to attach to a car headrest. Just velcro the strap around the headrest and you're ready to go. 
  • Side 1: 9 panels in high contrast patterns and faces with graduated complexity; features 3 vinyl pocket to stores small items and 1 baby-safe mirror. Side 2: Picture of elephant, dog and car in a car.
  • We designed our baby car activity toy based on research which shows that newborn and infant babies see bold graphics in black and white best, followed by the color red. 
  • Make car rides a breeze with this entertaining and educational newborn car seat toy. Take it with you on rides to the beach, doctor appointments or visits to the grandparents. 

Details: Car rides with a newborn or infant can be stressful at first. Some babies naturally love car rides while others need to be entertained with car toys for babies. If your baby is the latter, look no further than Genius Baby Toys' baby car activity center. We specifically designed this lightweight, portable carseat toy with high contrast images in black, white and red, the first three colors that a newborn baby can best perceive. We also included a small, baby-safe mirror in one of the panels because babies are fascinated by faces and reflections. Flip this reversible activity center to the other side to find more images of animals, like dogs and elephants. We also know that new parents are busy and stressed so we made our infant car seat toy easy to attach. Just put the strap around a car headrest and secure with the velcro closure. It takes less than a minute to do and can be easily removed if you need to move it to a different car or to clean it with a damp cloth. Looking for more ideas? Check out Genius Baby Toys' baby spiral hanging stroller and car seat toys and other toys in our signature High Contrast Black, White and Red Collection. 

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