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Tummy Time Mirror - Black, White, Red

Tummy Time Mirror - Black, White, Red

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Color: Black, White, Red


  • Make tummy time a blast for Genius Baby with our black, white and red 2-in1 crib & floor mirror with high contrast graphics. Mirrors are one of the best tummy time toys for babies 0-6 months.
  • This baby tummy time mirror is easy to set up on the floor. Just prop it up into a triangular shape using the velcro closure. It can also attach to the crib with cloth tie strings.
  • We designed this mirror with high contrast, black, white and red graphics in graduated complexity. Research shows that these easy to see colors make for the best infant tummy time toys.
  • This mirror for baby tummy time will entertain your Genius Baby while helping them to strengthen their arms and shoulders as they practice pushing up, a key baby milestone.
  • Parents choose our tummy time toys for babies 0-6 months because we take great care in using high quality fabrics and printing processes to make safe, long lasting baby toys.

Details: Introducing our double-sided crib and floor mirror baby toy. Mirrors are an important tummy time sensory toys because they keep baby entertained and curious. They might not know who is staring back at them in the mirror but they'll enjoy observing the movements and reflections they see. From there they'll start to discern shapes and learn cause and effect. That's why the research shows that babies love mirror. Our baby floor mirror also makes tummy time a breeze. It's not unusual for newborns to dislike tummy time. But it's a crucial part of their gross motor development. By using mirrors for infant tummy time toys, your baby will be able do distract themselves while they're strengthening their arms and shoulders by pushing up. Being able to push up and hold their heads is a major milestone and necessary for future milestones like rolling over and from side to side. A great feature about our baby mirror is that it doubles as a crib mirror. You can easily attach it to the crib rail using the attached ties. If you want to give your baby a break from the mirror, simply flip this over and your baby will see a set of high-contrast images in black, white and red, the first colors that a newborn can see best. The images on this floor and crib mirror for baby will help your Genius Baby work on their visual focus and tracking. No wonder parents and caretakers love receiving this baby mirror as a baby shower or new baby gift. 

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