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Montessori 3-D Soft Shapes (Discovery Ball, Pyramid, Cube - Set of 3)

Montessori 3-D Soft Shapes (Discovery Ball, Pyramid, Cube - Set of 3)

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Color: Black, White and Red


  • Genius Baby Toys since 1998 | Montessori Soft Shape Set for Babies and Infants
  • Set of 3 Soft Shapes (Discovery Ball, Pyramid, Cube) with Sensory Sounds in High Contrast Black, White, Red.
  • No electronic parts inside.
  • Cube measures 5" x 3" and features rattle inside. Ball measures 4" diameter and features crinkle sounds. Pyramid measures 4" on all sides and features bell inside.
  • Baby will practice their fine motor skills by grasping with their fingers.
  • Older babies will crawl after the ball and stack shapes on top of one another, learning cause-and-effect. 
  • Research shows that babies see high contrast colors like black, white and red best upon birth. Part of our Black, White and Red collection of developmentally appropriate and sensory baby toy for newborns, infants and toddlers
  • All of our toys are free of BPA, lead, and phthalates.
  • Machine Wash: Cold Water on the Gentle Cycle.
  • Appropriate from birth and up.


Model: GB-030


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